A perfect lighting for each decoration project

Encastré sur un plan de photométrie avec un salon en arrière-plan

Lighting represents a significant portion of the interior designer’s work and its technical aspect is often overlooked by them. For a decorating project, lighting can serve several functions: as a decorative agent, to create ambiance, to enhance and ensure the safety of the occupants.

Over the past 10 years, LUX Lighting Solutions has had the opportunity to support a diverse clientele of interior designers on hundreds of projects. By working with this clientele and learning about their needs, we have developed a range of specialized products and services for them that best suits their needs.

Green living room with ceiling lamps and plants

A personalized approach for each project

When it comes to decorative lighting, we will thoroughly analyze your project to understand your lighting, budget and design needs. Once we have this information, we will guide you through our extensive product line, so that you can find the light source that is most likely to meet your needs.

Next, we will help interior designers with the more technical aspects of lighting. For example, when it comes to recessed spotlights, we will provide them with information on lighting calculations, quantities, positioning and spacing in order to offer a custom solution that is adapted to the needs of the project. We can also help them determine the color temperatures and beam types to be used so that the designers can obtain the desired lighting effects.

Finally, once the selection of products is completed, we offer a turnkey after-sales service. That is to say, we coordinate with the installers so that you can be sure that the project’s lighting goes smoothly. We also follow up on delivery times so that you always have the right time of arrival of the ordered products. Our goal is to take care of the lighting portion of your decoration in order to relieve you of the technicalities of it.

Kitchen with wood floor, black and blue cabine and a marble counter and backsplash

A product offering that adapts to trends

LUX Lighting Solutions is a trend-oriented lighting supplier. By listening to our designer customers’ requests and inquiring with our manufacturers, we stay at the forefront of trends in the decorating world. As a result of this continuous work, LUX is now able to offer you lighting fixtures of all styles. Whether it’s Scandinavian, rustic chic, farm house, industrial, modern or any other style, we can assist you! Moreover, we are constantly developing our product line in order to offer you more innovative products that are adapted to your reality.

LUX your reliable partner

Over the years, we have developed an expertise in all types of lighting to enhance the projects of our interior design clients. Our wide range of products and services will ensure that you always have the ideal light sources in place to realize your inspirations and ideas.
For lighting that enhances your decor, think LUX!

Maison illuminé

A light for every room

Our home plays a central role in our lives, and because we spend so much time there, we like to make it look good and follow trends. Lighting is very important in a home and plays not only a decorative role, but also a functional one. In fact, depending on the activities that are carried out, each room of an apartment, a condominium or a house will have different and specific residential lighting needs.

In addition, lighting preferences may vary according to objective, socio-cultural and even subjective conditions. Good lighting should make a home pleasant, comfortable and functional at the same time. In addition, residential lighting must not only be effective, but also efficient. It must be effective to project a sense of security, create an ambiance or illuminate a workspace, for example. Finally, it is important that the lighting in your home be efficient, especially in terms of saving energy and ensuring a sufficient level of light output.

Modern apartment with recessed and pendant lights

There are a variety of techniques for effective lighting design in the home, including ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, wall lighting and backlighting. Because of the changing needs of different rooms, lighting will also be different in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, garage and outside the home.

Corridors and stairways are often neglected in terms of lighting. However, they can be much more practical, safe and stylish with the use of LED strips, wall lights, recessed lights or even pendant lights. In the garage, consider installing vapor tight lighting and positioning it on either side of the cars and not above.

Exterior residential lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting for your home, there really are so many options! The main characteristic that your outdoor lighting fixtures must have is, of course, their resistance to humidity and dust. In fact, in order to avoid the risk of fire or overheating, it is essential to ensure that your lighting fixtures are waterproof. Several levels of protection are available for outdoor lighting, from splash water to underwater immersion.

Several exciting lighting products can be used to illuminate the exterior of the home. Among these, wall sconces are very popular. Indeed, they are perfect for facade lighting, as the directions of the light streams add interesting design touches. It is possible, with this kind of lighting product, to have light streams directed in all directions, so that the lighting becomes a decorative element of the exterior of your home.

Recessed lights are also gaining in popularity to enhance the exterior of the home. They can be easily installed in the cornice of the house to direct a downward light flow that will enhance the front of the house while ensuring good visibility all around it.

Exterior residential lighting of an house

Floor lights are also widely used for the exterior of the home to emphasize the facade. Also, if you have an architectural feature that you want to highlight, this type of product is perfect for that.

When it comes to the patio, choose recessed LED light sources! In fact, LED ribbons and rings can be positioned just about anywhere on your deck. Use them to light your steps, posts, railing and even the ground. If you’re lucky enough to have a roof on your deck as well, add recessed spotlights to ensure even illumination over the entire area! Today, it’s even possible to have bright outdoor furniture like chairs, plant pots and tables. Wall sconces can also be a great option, as they can be easily installed outside the house, never too far from your deck.

Illuminated Deck

Pour le jardin et l’aménagement paysager, il y a encore une fois beaucoup de place à la créativité. D’abord, vous pouvez installer de petits lampadaires au sol afin d’avoir une lumière décorative ou éclairer un passage. Pour éclairer ce dernier, les rubans LED peuvent aussi être une alternative très intéressante afin de rendre le passage lui-même discrètement lumineux. Finalement, avec des projecteurs de sol, vous pouvez aussi orienter les flux lumineux afin de mettre en valeur un élément de votre aménagement paysager, comme un arbre, une fontaine ou autres.

Courtyard passage with plants and little floor lamp

LUX, the partner for all your residential projects

LUX Lighting Solutions has everything you need for residential lighting, whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, garage or the exterior of your home. In fact, thousands of high quality products at great prices such as LED strips, recessed lights, lamps, backlit mirrors, LED fans and a wide variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor fixtures are available at LUX for your residential lighting projects. Our technical team can also design custom lighting solutions that will be manufactured for you, directly at LUX. Request an appointment today or contact us for more information.

Lighting restaurant

The importance of restaurant lighting

The importance of lighting is often underestimated or even forgotten when designing restaurants. Like many other design factors and elements, lighting has many benefits and can be as essential as food and service in a restaurant. Not only does a great restaurant lighting help create an atmosphere and represent the restaurant and its image, but it also influences guest behavior. This can lead to increased sales and productivity, as well as create differentiation of the space and ensure safety for all.

Psychology and lighting in restaurants

Lighting is intrinsically connected to psychology, as it influences not only the mood of individuals, but also their experience. Indeed, proper lighting not only brings positive emotions, but it truly creates an atmosphere.

The ambiance and atmosphere of a restaurant are all as important as the services offered there and allow customers to magnify their experience. A restaurant meal should appeal to several senses at once, which makes lighting a significant element, as it obviously, greatly aids the sense of sight. Lighting will whet guests’ appetites, making the food and drinks enticing.


A guest’s dwell time will also be greatly influenced by the lighting, which can be perceived as both relaxing and welcoming, or cold and inhospitable. So depending on the type of restaurant, the lighting will be very different. An upscale establishment will certainly lean towards warm lighting that will make the clientele comfortable, while a fast food restaurant will favor cooler lighting that will not invite them to stay for hours. Regardless of the type of food or service, it is undeniable that lighting has an influence on the behavior of a restaurant’s clientele. In fast food, for example, brighter light will tend to encourage people to eat more than they should.

On the contrary, in an upscale restaurant, lighting creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, which makes customers want to stay longer and increases the chances that they will add items to their bill. Additionally, with lighting, restaurants help guests see a more attractive and charming version of themselves. With appropriately dispersed lighting elements and subtle lighting, restaurants make people feel more attractive. Lighting from candles on the table also seems to enhance people’s physical characteristics.

The benefits of good lighting in a restaurant

As mentioned earlier, restaurant lighting, like other types of businesses for that matter, can create an increase in sales. In fact, the better the ambiance achieved with lighting, the more guests will want to stay. They will want to enjoy the evening and the meal longer, which is likely to result in additions to their order, such as an extra glass of wine, dessert or more.

Lighting also plays a very important role, helping to make the food and drinks more appetizing, and therefore more tempting. To accentuate this effect, lighting must be strategically placed. The lighting must be thought according to two aspects: quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative aspect will allow for sufficient lighting to allow for good vision, while the qualitative aspect will highlight the food, beverages, decor and more. This explains, among other things, why the bar section is often put forward with more light or why the tables each have their own individual lighting.

Modern restaurant lighting including pendant lights

Sales are not the only thing that proper lighting can increase in a restaurant. It also increases productivity in the kitchen. Good lighting, strong and uniform without being blinding and without causing a disturbance to the dining room, can pay off in a big way. Preparing high quality food with poor and inadequate lighting can be a real headache. Lighting is indeed very important in the kitchen, both for the safety of employees and for the optimization of processes and preparation. Moreover, lighting in the kitchen must meet several conditions for maximum safety. In fact, the lighting fixtures must normally be impervious to steam, smoke, dust and splashes. They should even be waterproof and resistant to shocks and breakage, as lighting regulations in the hotel and restaurant industry stipulate that no broken glass should come into contact with food and employees.

Open hotel restaurant's lit by chandeliers

In the different areas of the restaurant, lighting also creates a real differentiation of the space. It is certain that the lighting must always keep a utilitarian aspect, in order to allow the different activities to take place well. Restaurants inevitably have several areas, such as the reception, the dining room, the bar, the kitchen, etc. All of these areas must have lighting. All these areas must have their respective lighting and the needs of each area are completely different, depending on the activities that are practiced and the atmosphere that is desired. The reception area should be sufficiently lit, to allow guests to consult the menu if they wish, as well as to see their hosts and more, but not too much either, to remain pleasant. Tables further away in the dining room can afford to be less lit, to create a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, for example.

Many food service establishments also have fairly small areas, but differentiating areas with lighting can help to significantly expand the area, visually. Finally, lighting helps to ensure the safety and security of employees and guests, which is absolutely paramount. Lighting will help direct people to safe exits in the event of an emergency, as well as help prevent accidents and injuries to staff, both in the kitchen and on the floor.

LUX Lighting Solutions have the expertise and the products to optimise the lighting of your restaurants. Contact us to get started!

Modern commercial entry with acoustic luminaire

In an effort to improve collaboration and creativity, companies are increasingly offering their employees open and modern offices. Although this type of design greatly favors teamwork, it also brings its share of disadvantages. Indeed, the fact that the workers all share the same space exposes them to a large amount of ambient noise. According to several studies, an employee could be up to 66% less productive when exposed to a single conversation between two colleagues. That’s why acoustic lighting is indispensable.

Companies benefit from keeping this style of office, as it is very positive for team dynamics. On the other hand, they also have a lot to gain by offering a healthy work environment to their employees. The solution? Acoustic lighting!

How does it work?

In order to fully understand how acoustic lighting works, it’s important to first understand how sound propagates. When a sound is emitted, it creates energy vibrations that travel through the air in the shape of waves. Depending on the type of surface these waves hit, the sound will either continue or stop propagating.  

When these waves come into contact with a hard surface, they bounce off in another direction, whereas a soft surface has the ability to absorb them so as to stop their propagation. The material used to manufacture an acoustic luminaire is usually felt. This one being rather soft, the felt has the capacity to retain the sound waves rather than to redirect them.

acoustic lighting composite

It is not only the materials that will have an impact on the efficiency of the luminaire. Indeed, the density and dimensions will also have their role to play. The density of the acoustic material is important for the absorption of low frequency sounds caused, for example, by the office ventilation system. For higher frequency sounds such as ringing, the density does not need to be so great. Secondly, the size of the luminaire should also be taken into consideration, as the larger it is, the more sound waves it will be exposed to.

Are there only acoustic luminaires?

Acoustic luminaires are probably the most popular products for this type of lighting. However, with LED technology, there are actually several other options for integrating acoustic lighting into your decor. First, it’ s possible to use LED strips to create indirect lighting on the back of an acoustic panel for an original and utilitarian decoration.

Then, acoustic panels made of felt can also be used to create suspended lights designed on the horizontal to incorporate, directly in the panel, LED lighting, to create a unique atmosphere to your office. 

The importance of acoustic lighting in an office

The atmosphere is one of the most important elements when designing an open office. It must be dynamic, comfortable and inspiring. In order to achieve this, the lighting must be of high quality and well distributed throughout the room. Even if the design and decoration of your office is great, too much ambient noise can greatly affect the atmosphere obtained, as it can alter the feeling of comfort of the employees who work there.

Open offices with computer and workers meeting

Create an open and creative space for your workers with custom acoustic lighting! By daring, it is possible to have acoustic lighting fixtures that will be the star of your decoration.  

At LUX, we specialize in designing custom acoustic lighting solutions to suit your needs. Do you have an office lighting project? Contact us to find out how we can help you make it shine!

Purple Gaming room with led lights

Video games are a hobby that has a very large number of enthusiasts. Some of them even decide to dedicate entire rooms to their favorite hobby. The decoration of these rooms includes very interesting design aspects and the place of lighting in the design is particularly important! These rooms have a very colorful look and feel like they are coming straight from the future. Are we witnessing the creation of a new design style? In this blog post, we give you tips on how to make your gaming room lighting work!

The lighting of the gaming room is of crucial importance, because it is this element that gives it all its colors and its dynamism! Indeed, as the trend dictates, the video game room decoration must be colorful, illuminated and delirious. The type of lighting that perfectly fulfills these functions is undoubtedly LED lighting. In fact, part of the reason this type of room is so popular is because of the advent of LED lighting!

Smart lighting, perfect for customizing your decor

First of all, a large number of LED products offer color selection (RGB) as well as color temperature selection (CCT). You can even change the color of your fixtures to create the atmosphere that best suits your mood! In addition, many LED products also offer connectivity between devices. Called smart lighting, the benefit of this feature is to add more customization to your room. For the most immersive gaming experience, choose a mood that adapts to your visual and audio experience. For example, the lighting near your monitor could automatically change based on the colors displayed in your game and other lighting fixtures could flicker with the beat of the music.

Gaming room with multicolour lighting

The importance of indirect lighting for the gaming room

Secondly, indirect lighting is a technique that is very popular in video game room design, as it is an original and aesthetic way to light the most unusual places. Indirect lighting contributes greatly to the futuristic feel we seek to give a gaming room. This technique consists in indirectly lighting a space by projecting a light flux very closely on the wall, the ceiling, the floor or on an object. The reflection of the light on the surface then creates a discreet lighting that will give an interesting character to your room. LED ribbon is the easiest product to create indirect lighting with, as it can be easily installed in any place. What we are used to seeing are LED ribbons stuck to the desk, behind the monitors and on the ceiling! It is possible to highlight almost anything with indirect lighting. Paintings, furniture and shelves are just a few ideas! Use your creativity!

blue lit gaming room

Combine light sources

Apart from LED ribbons, there are a lot of other crazy lighting fixtures that will light up your video game room. Let’s start with the famous LED panels. Since their appearance on the market, this product has gained great popularity among young people. LED panels are great because they allow us to create custom lighting concepts on the wall. It is indeed possible to create a unique shape that will project light and be an interesting decorative element in the gaming room. Several smart LED lights can also be added to your decoration to make the space brighter! Finally, recessed spotlights could also be added if you find that your room needs more utility lighting! These products are also available in LED and can offer the color choices and connectivity you need!

Here’s how to get the best possible lighting for a more immersive experience in your video game room. The main idea here is to have a colorful and energizing atmosphere that adapts to your preferences at the time.

LUX has everything you need in terms of lighting for your gaming room project. Trust our LED products for an unparalleled gaming experience!

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Kitchen and dining room with modern lighting

Highlight the moments shared in the dining room

The dining room is for many people, a prime gathering place in the home. It is in this room that we gather with family and friends, in order to share over a delicious meal. In this blog, we will highlight different types of lighting to consider in order to make those moments spent around the dining table shine.

It doesn’t go without saying that pendant lighting is a natural choice in order to ensure quality lighting for the dining room, as often only this will be needed to illuminate the room.

Empire your guests by putting in the center of your decor, a chandelier with a singular style that will attract all eyes. It is important here to choose this light fixture well according to the atmosphere of your room. An oversized chandelier that overhangs the table may only be possible if the dining room decoration is not too busy. Otherwise, a more discreet pendant light would be more appropriate.

A range of possibilities

It’s also possible to have fun using simple pendant light fixture arrangements to create unique and dynamic concepts. This interesting arrangement of fixtures offers a great deal of flexibility, as the illuminated area is easily adjusted to fit the dimensions of the table.

If it happens that you don’t have an electrical outlet in the ceiling, don’t worry, there are several interesting alternatives that can enhance your decor!

First, as crazy as it sounds, there are some floor lamps that can be adjusted to light up the dining table. To do this, one would ideally select a light, articulated lamp that is lightweight and space-saving. Then, it is always possible to put a wall lamp with articulated arm, if the table is near where to stick to a wall.

Finally, the dining table lighting fixture is a key element of the decoration of the dinning room and it’s important to choose it well according to the desired mood. LUX is able to offer you the perfect light fixture to enhance your dining room! Visit our online store to view our products!

white room lit by natural light

Summer is now over. The days will become shorter and shorter, and our exposure to sunlight will also gradually decrease. At this time of the year, when our mood is sometimes gloomy, many people try to recreate natural lighting to feel better.

What are the benefits of natural lighting?

The circadian rhythm

The circadian rhythm is often referred to as the internal clock of the human body. It is this biological rhythm that sends signals to your body, notably, to get you to sleep and eat. Your daily exposure to light has a direct impact on the circadian rhythm because it adapts to it. If, for example, you have a night shift or work in a dimly lit area, it is possible that your internal clock becomes unbalanced, which can have a negative influence on your well-being.

The circadian rythm

When winter arrives, do you usually feel that your mood is diminished? This is the case for many people, and the phenomenon is well documented, bearing the name of seasonal depression. This period of the year means that the hours of sunlight during the day are reduced, which in a way disrupts the circadian rhythm. Depressed mood, loss of interest and fatigue are some of the symptoms of seasonal depression.

A light for every moment of the day

Secondly, did you know that the type of light has an important influence on your energy? You have probably been advised not to look at a screen for at least 1 hour before going under the covers. The reason is quite simple, screens expose you to blue light. This type of light gives us energy. Therefore, it is good to be exposed to it during the day, but in the evening, a warm light should be favored to imitate the colors of the sunset. This way we are more in a state of relaxation to go to bed.

the different colours temperature

Imitate natural lighting

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take full advantage of the sunlight with the advent of cloudy days and the winter season. Also, with the trend of working from home having increased drastically over the past year, you may now find yourself working in an office that does not let in enough sunlight. What can you do to compensate for this lack? It is simple, you must reproduce natural light!

The possibilities of LED lighting

Today, technology has advanced to meet this need. With LED lighting, it is now possible to adapt the color of the light according to the time of the day! For example, some LED strips allow to navigate between cool white and warm white. Combining this technology with an automated lighting control system, would allow to have a lighting very similar to natural light. The cold white would be used in the middle of the day, while the warm white would be used in the evening and morning.

False skylights

Skylight that reminds natural lighting

Then, what better way to imitate natural light than with a false skylight. Indeed, this new type of lighting is now available! These products, working with LED technology, make it possible to admire the bluish color of the sky in the room of your choice. It is even possible to perceive a false sun through the well! Here is an original solution to brighten up your room!

Multiply the sources of light

The light produced by the sun has the capacity to illuminate a given space much more easily than a single artificial light source. The reproduction of this light must absolutely pass by using several sources of lighting. To ensure uniformity of the room, do not hesitate to use wall lamps, luminaries, or spotlights on rails.

Modern appartment with natural lighting

The photometric study at your service

Finally, in order to have a real knowledge of your room’s lighting needs, a photometric study could be in order. It allows you to calculate the necessary lighting in a room and to precisely determine the quantity, the strength, and the location of the lighting sources to be installed. This way you will know exactly how to proceed to reproduce the natural light in your room.

Find out more about this service we offer here.

Natural light has an important influence on the well-being of everyone. Plants as well as human beings. Being able to reproduce it can offer considerable benefits on our mood, our sleep and much more. To achieve this, several options are available to you, contact us to find out which one is right for your project!

LED ribbons embedded in black wall

LED strip lights, a multitude of possible uses

In fact, the LED strip lights can be used to light up just about anything. The only limit is your creativity! Here are 10 original ways to use them to inspire you!

1. The Closet

The wardrobe or walk-in closet is usually an area of the house with very little light due to its isolation from natural light. Being mostly in a windowless space, the use of artificial light sources is the solution of choice for lighting your clothes. The flexibility of LED strips is advantageous for this, as it allows you to illuminate the most difficult areas. Using rods with a built-in molding for LED strip lights will allow you to illuminate the room in addition to your hanging clothes. These can also be used for shelves, in drawers, or even on the ceiling to make sure you light every nook and cranny!

Walk-in illuminated with LED strips

2. The staircase

Never before has it been so easy to highlight the staircase with LED strips. Like closets, natural light sometimes has a hard time getting to the stairs. That being said, it is important to have a well-lit staircase to ensure the safety of the individuals using it. LED strips lights are ideal for this purpose, as they can easily be installed on handrails and underneath steps to create an indirect lighting effect. This is a good solution to make your staircase both safe and beautiful.

staircase illuminated with led strip lights

3. The aquarium

Aquariums are now being used more and more as a decorative element in a room. In recent years, they have gained popularity among aquarium enthusiasts for several reasons. The possibilities that some LED strips lights offer in terms of color control and lighting intensity is great for aquarium enhancement. Other advantages are the low heat generation and low energy cost of this type of lighting.

Aquarium containing a small goldfish

4. The gaming room

The video game industry has a growing number of enthusiasts around the world. Often, these enthusiasts are eager to enjoy their favorite hobby in an illuminated room that is bright with vivid colors from all over. LED strips are perfect for indirectly lighting the computer table. Some of these strips can even be installed in the computer power supply which can add color to the computer itself! Color control is something that is highly desired for video game rooms, to create color schemes that match their keyboard for example.

gaming stands backlited with led strip lights

5. The cellar

Wine lovers usually like to have a wine cellar in their home to store their favorite bottles of wine. It can be difficult to see the products in the cellar because of the shadows created by the bottles and shelves. The LED strips lights make it easy to illuminate all the compartments, so you don’t have to search too long for the perfect wine to accompany your meal. You can even program them to light up only when the cellar doors open!

Restaurant cellar with LED ribbons

6. The Mirror

Mirrors have always gone hand in hand with lighting. We have all seen mirrors framed by large spherical bulbs. Used extensively in the show business industry, illuminated mirrors are also interesting for people who like to make themselves beautiful in the morning. Many mirror manufacturers are now integrating LED strip lights directly into their products. If you don’t have this type of mirror, you can always put them on the back of it to get indirect lighting. The use of LED with mirrors is a new trend that will gain even more popularity in the next few years, as this technology is easily integrated into this type of product.

Modern bathroom with backlit mirror

7. The shower

Another original way of using LED strips is for the shower. Shower lighting is sometimes forgotten in bathroom renovation projects. It can be interesting to install lighting on the ceiling and floor of your shower. LED strips are perfect for this purpose, as they can easily be recessed into these surfaces with the help of moldings. Install your shower lighting with a motion sensor! This will cause the shower to light up when you step into it!

Industrial style shower with decorative LED ribbons

8. Plants

From a practical rather than decorative point of view, do you know that LED strips are also widely used for growing plants? If you want to have a small vegetable garden in your house to start your seedlings or grow vegetables in winter, LED strips might be of interest to you. Indeed, on a larger scale, LED technology is increasingly used in greenhouses around the world. Some studies are even emerging on the benefits of this type of lighting on plants!

Flowers and LED light

9. The flowerbeds

Still in line with the garden center, another very original idea for using LED strips is in the backyard! Indeed, they are perfect to mark the flowerbeds in the gardens or to be embedded between concrete tiles to illuminate a path. In addition to making your outdoor installations more aesthetically pleasing, your backyard would also benefit from new discreet lighting sources!

Facade of a restaurant with exterior lighting

10. The RV

Do you have a RV or a minivan that you have converted into a motor home? On rainy days, travelers have to lock themselves in the car to spend the evening or part of the day. Therefore, having a good lighting in the car is essential for this moment. Dimmable LED strips are perfect for this kind of use, as they do not consume much energy and the lighting is discreet. When we are in a small space, the lighting should not be too bright or intrusive. Insert LED strips on the sides of your bed base to enjoy pleasant light all evening, without worrying about the charge level of your car battery!

Camping-car dans la nature pendant la nuit

The use of LED strips lights offers a ton of possibilities for any lighting project, and new ways of using them will emerge in the future. Stay on top of the latest trends! So, don’t hesitate to be creative, try new ways of using them and take advantage of the control systems of LED technology to make your projects even more unique! Do you have a lighting project to which you would like to add LED strips? Contact us and our team of specialists will advise you on the right lighting to make your project shine.

Luminaire suspendu de salon avec éclairage LED indirect

The ceiling is present in every room and yet so often forgotten. Did you know that with a goog ceiling lighting, it is possible to showcase it and transform it into a decorative element?

Cathedral ceiling with suspended light fixture

How do you do it? Here are several tips and tricks to sublimate the ceiling.

Pointing the light upwards

First of all, by directing the light upwards, towards the ceiling, it will certainly be more visible and give an original aspect to the room. Indirect lighting is ideal to achieve this goal, whether in the form of LED strips or wall sconces. It is also possible to install suspensions that light upwards instead of downwards, or even both at the same time.

Indirect LED ceiling lighting in office

Illuminating a low ceiling

Second, upward-facing lighting can be used to enlarge a room with a low ceiling. Indeed, in some forms, lighting will make a room brighter, but it will also make it look much more spacious! Floor standing lamps are perfect in such a room because they avoid overloading the already oppressive low ceiling. Otherwise, wall lights and indirect lighting are always welcome.

Living room lit with a pendant light and LED recessed spots.

Suspension for a cathedral ceiling lighting

Thirdly, if you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling or a cathedral ceiling, suspension fixtures are the perfect choice! With all this space, we can afford oversized suspensions, which will be the stars of the room. They will indeed occupy the space, while conferring a warm atmosphere and an original style. Do not hesitate to hang them low, so that they are a real eye-catcher.

Very high ceiling illuminated by a large light fixture

The LUX team can design custom lighting solutions for you that will make your ceilings look majestic. We also have many products that are perfect for all your lighting projects, such as wall sconces, LED strips, recessed lighting, fixtures and more.

Contact us today or make an appointment now on our new online appointment scheduling platform!

Éclairage de la chambre à coucher avec spots sur rail

Several functions of this important room must be considered when choosing bedroom lighting. Indeed, the room is used not only for sleeping and resting, but sometimes also for reading, working, exercising, playing, etc. Lighting must therefore be versatile and well adapted.

Bedroom with indirect led lighting and floor lamps

Adapt your bedroom lighting

First of all, there must be general lighting, which must be warm and relaxing, while allowing good visibility. Dimmable lighting is to be preferred, as it will allow the intensity of light to be adjusted according to need and time of day. Ceiling or pendant lights are generally the perfect products to fulfill this function.

Bedroom illuminated by a pendant light

Secondly, other light sources, such as accent lamps, will obviously be needed if, for example, you want to do a bit of reading before going to sleep. This second light source must be more direct and less distant. Wall lights above the bed, table lamps or floor lamps are ideal and practical for this purpose.

LED strips for indirect lighting

After having seen what is necessary to have proper lighting, it is time to have some fun and to integrate a bit of madness and originality to our decor and lighting. The room can indeed be sublimated by a huge chandelier, or various elements backlit with LED strips.

LED strips are perfect for creating spectacular backlighting around the bed base, headboard, behind a post, in a wall or in shelves and shelving.

Modern bedroom with walk-in closet and LED recessed lights

The trend is also towards multiple suspensions, which fill the room and create an intimate and muffled atmosphere by lowering the ceiling. The shape and material of the suspensions will greatly influence the atmosphere. For a relaxed atmosphere, opt for textiles rather than metals and rounded, soft shapes.

Bedroom lit by natural light and pendant lights

Let your creativity flow

In the bedroom, it is more than permissible to mix styles and create a space that is truly to your taste. After all, what room is more personal than this one? So treat yourself to the decoration and lighting, because even though many of the elements have different styles and don’t seem to go well together, the result can be surprising and original.

Bedroom with oriental decoration and LED spotlights

Strings of lights or LED strips can also give the room a fairy-tale look and provide enough light for relaxing moments. They offer many interesting possibilities. Let them inspire you!