Why you need to install acoustic lighting in your open office

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Modern commercial entry with acoustic luminaire

In an effort to improve collaboration and creativity, companies are increasingly offering their employees open and modern offices. Although this type of design greatly favors teamwork, it also brings its share of disadvantages. Indeed, the fact that the workers all share the same space exposes them to a large amount of ambient noise. According to several studies, an employee could be up to 66% less productive when exposed to a single conversation between two colleagues. That’s why acoustic lighting is indispensable.

Companies benefit from keeping this style of office, as it is very positive for team dynamics. On the other hand, they also have a lot to gain by offering a healthy work environment to their employees. The solution? Acoustic lighting!

How does it work?

In order to fully understand how acoustic lighting works, it’s important to first understand how sound propagates. When a sound is emitted, it creates energy vibrations that travel through the air in the shape of waves. Depending on the type of surface these waves hit, the sound will either continue or stop propagating.  

When these waves come into contact with a hard surface, they bounce off in another direction, whereas a soft surface has the ability to absorb them so as to stop their propagation. The material used to manufacture an acoustic luminaire is usually felt. This one being rather soft, the felt has the capacity to retain the sound waves rather than to redirect them.

acoustic lighting composite

It is not only the materials that will have an impact on the efficiency of the luminaire. Indeed, the density and dimensions will also have their role to play. The density of the acoustic material is important for the absorption of low frequency sounds caused, for example, by the office ventilation system. For higher frequency sounds such as ringing, the density does not need to be so great. Secondly, the size of the luminaire should also be taken into consideration, as the larger it is, the more sound waves it will be exposed to.

Are there only acoustic luminaires?

Acoustic luminaires are probably the most popular products for this type of lighting. However, with LED technology, there are actually several other options for integrating acoustic lighting into your decor. First, it’ s possible to use LED strips to create indirect lighting on the back of an acoustic panel for an original and utilitarian decoration.

Then, acoustic panels made of felt can also be used to create suspended lights designed on the horizontal to incorporate, directly in the panel, LED lighting, to create a unique atmosphere to your office. 

The importance of acoustic lighting in an office

The atmosphere is one of the most important elements when designing an open office. It must be dynamic, comfortable and inspiring. In order to achieve this, the lighting must be of high quality and well distributed throughout the room. Even if the design and decoration of your office is great, too much ambient noise can greatly affect the atmosphere obtained, as it can alter the feeling of comfort of the employees who work there.

Open offices with computer and workers meeting

Create an open and creative space for your workers with custom acoustic lighting! By daring, it is possible to have acoustic lighting fixtures that will be the star of your decoration.  

At LUX, we specialize in designing custom acoustic lighting solutions to suit your needs. Do you have an office lighting project? Contact us to find out how we can help you make it shine!

Growing flowers in a greenhouse

Producing more with less energy

In recent years, many farmers have opened their doors to LED for their agricultural lighting. Although the commercialization of LED technology is relatively new, it is already considered by many as the alternative of choice to traditional lights. The growing popularity of this type of lighting can be seen among farmers to improve their energy efficiency and production. With the size of farm buildings, the cost of energy consumption for lighting is a significant expense for farmers.

Indeed, the main advantage of LED lighting is of course the energy saving. Although LED lighting products are more expensive, the savings on electricity costs are not negligible. If we compare this kind of lighting with traditional incandescent bulbs, the energy saving with LED lighting is about 70-90%. In addition, another advantage of this type of lighting is the durability of the products. LEDs last on average 15 times longer than traditional light fixtures. Therefore, it is certain that LED lighting costs more, but the longevity of the products and their low energy consumption generally pay back the investment very quickly.

Scientist using purple LED light for growing plants

Control of the photoperiod

Photoperiod is the ratio of day to night duration and is the most important environmental factor in synchronizing physiological changes in animals. In other words, the photoperiod plays a determining role in the reproductive cycle of animals. With the help of LED lighting it is now possible for farmers to reproduce natural light and automate it in their buildings. This way, it is easy to ensure that the animals are exposed to the perfect amount of light and darkness during the day. It is even possible to literally simulate sunrise and sunset!

For example, research has shown that lactating dairy cows exposed to 16 to 18 hours of light (150 to 200 lux) and then 6 to 8 hours of darkness increased their milk production by 8 to 10%. In order to still be able to work in the barn while the cows are sleeping, red LED lighting is sometimes used, as this light is slightly detected by the cows and then allows workers to move around safely, without having to disturb the animals’ sleep.

The importance of agricultural lighting for greenhouse production

Canada is exposed to little natural light throughout the year. Especially in winter, this lack of ambient lighting is affecting greenhouse production. Currently, many greenhouses are lit with high pressure sodium lamps or HPS lamps. This type of lighting is not optimal for greenhouse production, because these lamps consume a lot of energy, make it difficult to control the direction of the lighting and give off a lot of heat, which can damage plants that reach a height close to the lamp’s height. LED lighting would be a good solution for greenhouses, as LEDs give off very little heat, do not consume much energy and offer a lot of flexibility to light all areas. Canadian researchers have even found that certain types of light emitted by LEDs can even promote the health of plants!

agricultural lighting in a greenhouse

Often, with the size of farm buildings, the cost of lighting is a significant expense for farmers, and they would have much to gain with the implementation of better and less expensive LED lighting. This new lighting technology offers many significant benefits to farmers and looks very promising for the future!

If you would like to learn more about how LED lighting can help your farm business, contact us and we will be happy to help!

Bureau de travail avec une lampe et une plante

Office design is changing a lot, and while the emphasis used to be more on productivity, the emphasis is now on atmosphere, originality and vibrant colors. A great office lighting is necessary to create a great workspace!

What kind of atmosphere do you want your offices to have?

Several new trends are emerging in 2021 for the design and decoration of offices and lighting is obviously part of the game!

Modern and colorful office

First of all, the orientation and layout of the space are revisited. Offices are no longer just a place to work and must be able to accommodate a more relaxed atmosphere as well.

Modern office with large windows and plants

Pleasant materials such as wood, velvet and felt will give a certain warmth to the décor and make employees feel calmer and more confident.

Open and modern workspace with plants and several windows

Plants can also be a great addition to office decor and atmosphere! Also, the use of color temperature lighting that is warm rather than cold will create a more relaxed atmosphere.

office with plants

Consider LED for a modern office lighting

Secondly, you can let yourself go with fashion and style and dare to incorporate unusual elements into the office decor.

Conference room with decorative recessed lighting

For example, huge designer chandeliers, sofas with famous designs, backlights or recessed LED strips with amazing designs, emblematic decorative elementsand etc, are more than welcome. The goal is to capture people’s attention and stimulate them.

Shelf with LED strip lighting

We then rely on original and interesting colors, patterns, textiles and objects! In 2021, offices can stop being mundane and can finally take on a personal character.

Blue office with visual art

A modern office is more than a workspace

Did you know that fashionable and personal touches in their offices greatly increase employee productivity, while giving them more confidence and strength!

Office with Cactus

Thirdly, spaces dedicated to team building, relaxation and play are becoming more and more popular, and in 2021 will even become one of the arguments used by companies to attract and recruit new talent.

Modern workspace with chairs and pendant lights

From relaxation areas with hammocks to reading corners and various playrooms, lighting is essential! These areas require subdued lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere. Several types of lighting are suitable for this purpose, such as recessed, wall or pendant luminaires.

Green Office lighting made of pendant and table lights

LED, to reduce the ecological footprint of your office lighting

Finally, environmental friendliness is at the top of the new trends and brings decorations with natural colors and materials. A feeling of comfort often results from the choice of such a decor. The addition of vegetation will make the space infinitely more welcoming and lively, in addition to allowing employees to rest their eyes more.

Rest area of an office with hanging plants and cushions

In addition, the use of ecological or eco-efficient technologies such as LED products is a must! Wall sconces, LED strips, recessed, ceiling lights and LED suspensions are indeed the best lighting products to follow the trend of respecting the environment, given their low energy consumption and their considerable lifespan.

Open collaborative office with colorful chairs

LUX has completed several office and workspace lighting projects over the years and has what it takes to help you with your projects! Contact us now, make an appointment online on our new platform or visit our website for more inspiration or to store!

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