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Several functions of this important room must be considered when choosing its lighting.

Éclairage de la chambre à coucher avec spots sur rail

Several functions of this important room must be considered when choosing bedroom lighting. Indeed, the room is used not only for sleeping and resting, but sometimes also for reading, working, exercising, playing, etc. Lighting must therefore be versatile and well adapted.

Bedroom with indirect led lighting and floor lamps

Adapt your bedroom lighting

First of all, there must be general lighting, which must be warm and relaxing, while allowing good visibility. Dimmable lighting is to be preferred, as it will allow the intensity of light to be adjusted according to need and time of day. Ceiling or pendant lights are generally the perfect products to fulfill this function.

Bedroom illuminated by a pendant light

Secondly, other light sources, such as accent lamps, will obviously be needed if, for example, you want to do a bit of reading before going to sleep. This second light source must be more direct and less distant. Wall lights above the bed, table lamps or floor lamps are ideal and practical for this purpose.

LED strips for indirect lighting

After having seen what is necessary to have proper lighting, it is time to have some fun and to integrate a bit of madness and originality to our decor and lighting. The room can indeed be sublimated by a huge chandelier, or various elements backlit with LED strips.

LED strips are perfect for creating spectacular backlighting around the bed base, headboard, behind a post, in a wall or in shelves and shelving.

Modern bedroom with walk-in closet and LED recessed lights

The trend is also towards multiple suspensions, which fill the room and create an intimate and muffled atmosphere by lowering the ceiling. The shape and material of the suspensions will greatly influence the atmosphere. For a relaxed atmosphere, opt for textiles rather than metals and rounded, soft shapes.

Bedroom lit by natural light and pendant lights

Let your creativity flow

In the bedroom, it is more than permissible to mix styles and create a space that is truly to your taste. After all, what room is more personal than this one? So treat yourself to the decoration and lighting, because even though many of the elements have different styles and don’t seem to go well together, the result can be surprising and original.

Bedroom with oriental decoration and LED spotlights

Strings of lights or LED strips can also give the room a fairy-tale look and provide enough light for relaxing moments. They offer many interesting possibilities. Let them inspire you!

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