Enhance the ambiance of your RV with LED lighting

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, air travel has drastically decreased in popularity. Travelers are choosing to hit the road more to discover the country. Whether it’s in an RV or a converted family vehicle, you’ll spend most of your time in it while traveling. Your RV lighting must be comfortable and functional so that you can enjoy your favorite leisure activities during rainy days. LED lighting is perfect not only for providing functional lighting, but also for creating the right mood!

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Why choose LEDs for your RV lighting?

Low energy consumption

Travel with peace of mind. With LED lighting fixtures, you don’t need to worry about the electricity consumption of your lighting. Consuming about 80% less electricity than other types of lighting for the same amount of light, LED lighting can be powered by a solar panel or directly by the vehicle battery. You can then enjoy quality lighting in your vehicle without worrying about your battery running out when it’s time to get back on the road!

Ambient lighting

Another interesting feature of LED is the selection of colors and white. Depending on your mood, create the perfect atmosphere with the help of lighting! In other words, you have the ability to select the color and adjust the intensity of your lighting to customize the ambiance of your camper van.

In fact, you can select the color and adjust the intensity of your lighting to personalize the ambiance of your vehicle. You can also adjust the color temperature to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere with a warm white or an energizing atmosphere with a cool white!

People who travel in a recreational vehicle

Which lighting fixtures should I choose?

When it comes to lighting the interior of your vehicle, one lighting product to consider would of course be LED strip. Indeed, the flexibility and thinness of LED strips mean that they can be installed just about anywhere. It is important, however, to seek expert advice on the installation of ribbons, in order to avoid the risk of fire or overheating.

Apart from LED strips lights, recessed lights and LED pucks can also be a solution to consider for vehicle lighting! They can be recessed into the ceiling to provide a well-distributed light beam throughout the vehicle space. If you are lucky enough to have a small kitchen in your vehicle, these products can also be recessed underneath your cabinets to provide good illumination of your work surface.

LUX, your RV lighting supplier

When we plan to revamp an RV or transform a van into a loft for a road trip, lighting is often put aside. However, it is important to properly illuminate the vehicle to be able to do our favorite activities on rainy days. Without emptying your wallet, it is possible to have a discreet, quality and customizable lighting. To illuminate your road trip, choose LED lighting.

LUX Lighting Solutions is able to offer you all the necessary lighting equipment for your recreational vehicle. Visit our online store now to consult our LED products and illuminate your RV.

Purple Gaming room with led lights

Video games are a hobby that has a very large number of enthusiasts. Some of them even decide to dedicate entire rooms to their favorite hobby. The decoration of these rooms includes very interesting design aspects and the place of lighting in the design is particularly important! These rooms have a very colorful look and feel like they are coming straight from the future. Are we witnessing the creation of a new design style? In this blog post, we give you tips on how to make your gaming room lighting work!

The lighting of the gaming room is of crucial importance, because it is this element that gives it all its colors and its dynamism! Indeed, as the trend dictates, the video game room decoration must be colorful, illuminated and delirious. The type of lighting that perfectly fulfills these functions is undoubtedly LED lighting. In fact, part of the reason this type of room is so popular is because of the advent of LED lighting!

Smart lighting, perfect for customizing your decor

First of all, a large number of LED products offer color selection (RGB) as well as color temperature selection (CCT). You can even change the color of your fixtures to create the atmosphere that best suits your mood! In addition, many LED products also offer connectivity between devices. Called smart lighting, the benefit of this feature is to add more customization to your room. For the most immersive gaming experience, choose a mood that adapts to your visual and audio experience. For example, the lighting near your monitor could automatically change based on the colors displayed in your game and other lighting fixtures could flicker with the beat of the music.

Gaming room with multicolour lighting

The importance of indirect lighting for the gaming room

Secondly, indirect lighting is a technique that is very popular in video game room design, as it is an original and aesthetic way to light the most unusual places. Indirect lighting contributes greatly to the futuristic feel we seek to give a gaming room. This technique consists in indirectly lighting a space by projecting a light flux very closely on the wall, the ceiling, the floor or on an object. The reflection of the light on the surface then creates a discreet lighting that will give an interesting character to your room. LED ribbon is the easiest product to create indirect lighting with, as it can be easily installed in any place. What we are used to seeing are LED ribbons stuck to the desk, behind the monitors and on the ceiling! It is possible to highlight almost anything with indirect lighting. Paintings, furniture and shelves are just a few ideas! Use your creativity!

blue lit gaming room

Combine light sources

Apart from LED ribbons, there are a lot of other crazy lighting fixtures that will light up your video game room. Let’s start with the famous LED panels. Since their appearance on the market, this product has gained great popularity among young people. LED panels are great because they allow us to create custom lighting concepts on the wall. It is indeed possible to create a unique shape that will project light and be an interesting decorative element in the gaming room. Several smart LED lights can also be added to your decoration to make the space brighter! Finally, recessed spotlights could also be added if you find that your room needs more utility lighting! These products are also available in LED and can offer the color choices and connectivity you need!

Here’s how to get the best possible lighting for a more immersive experience in your video game room. The main idea here is to have a colorful and energizing atmosphere that adapts to your preferences at the time.

LUX has everything you need in terms of lighting for your gaming room project. Trust our LED products for an unparalleled gaming experience!

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LED ribbons embedded in black wall

LED strip lights, a multitude of possible uses

In fact, the LED strip lights can be used to light up just about anything. The only limit is your creativity! Here are 10 original ways to use them to inspire you!

1. The Closet

The wardrobe or walk-in closet is usually an area of the house with very little light due to its isolation from natural light. Being mostly in a windowless space, the use of artificial light sources is the solution of choice for lighting your clothes. The flexibility of LED strips is advantageous for this, as it allows you to illuminate the most difficult areas. Using rods with a built-in molding for LED strip lights will allow you to illuminate the room in addition to your hanging clothes. These can also be used for shelves, in drawers, or even on the ceiling to make sure you light every nook and cranny!

Walk-in illuminated with LED strips

2. The staircase

Never before has it been so easy to highlight the staircase with LED strips. Like closets, natural light sometimes has a hard time getting to the stairs. That being said, it is important to have a well-lit staircase to ensure the safety of the individuals using it. LED strips lights are ideal for this purpose, as they can easily be installed on handrails and underneath steps to create an indirect lighting effect. This is a good solution to make your staircase both safe and beautiful.

staircase illuminated with led strip lights

3. The aquarium

Aquariums are now being used more and more as a decorative element in a room. In recent years, they have gained popularity among aquarium enthusiasts for several reasons. The possibilities that some LED strips lights offer in terms of color control and lighting intensity is great for aquarium enhancement. Other advantages are the low heat generation and low energy cost of this type of lighting.

Aquarium containing a small goldfish

4. The gaming room

The video game industry has a growing number of enthusiasts around the world. Often, these enthusiasts are eager to enjoy their favorite hobby in an illuminated room that is bright with vivid colors from all over. LED strips are perfect for indirectly lighting the computer table. Some of these strips can even be installed in the computer power supply which can add color to the computer itself! Color control is something that is highly desired for video game rooms, to create color schemes that match their keyboard for example.

gaming stands backlited with led strip lights

5. The cellar

Wine lovers usually like to have a wine cellar in their home to store their favorite bottles of wine. It can be difficult to see the products in the cellar because of the shadows created by the bottles and shelves. The LED strips lights make it easy to illuminate all the compartments, so you don’t have to search too long for the perfect wine to accompany your meal. You can even program them to light up only when the cellar doors open!

Restaurant cellar with LED ribbons

6. The Mirror

Mirrors have always gone hand in hand with lighting. We have all seen mirrors framed by large spherical bulbs. Used extensively in the show business industry, illuminated mirrors are also interesting for people who like to make themselves beautiful in the morning. Many mirror manufacturers are now integrating LED strip lights directly into their products. If you don’t have this type of mirror, you can always put them on the back of it to get indirect lighting. The use of LED with mirrors is a new trend that will gain even more popularity in the next few years, as this technology is easily integrated into this type of product.

Modern bathroom with backlit mirror

7. The shower

Another original way of using LED strips is for the shower. Shower lighting is sometimes forgotten in bathroom renovation projects. It can be interesting to install lighting on the ceiling and floor of your shower. LED strips are perfect for this purpose, as they can easily be recessed into these surfaces with the help of moldings. Install your shower lighting with a motion sensor! This will cause the shower to light up when you step into it!

Industrial style shower with decorative LED ribbons

8. Plants

From a practical rather than decorative point of view, do you know that LED strips are also widely used for growing plants? If you want to have a small vegetable garden in your house to start your seedlings or grow vegetables in winter, LED strips might be of interest to you. Indeed, on a larger scale, LED technology is increasingly used in greenhouses around the world. Some studies are even emerging on the benefits of this type of lighting on plants!

Flowers and LED light

9. The flowerbeds

Still in line with the garden center, another very original idea for using LED strips is in the backyard! Indeed, they are perfect to mark the flowerbeds in the gardens or to be embedded between concrete tiles to illuminate a path. In addition to making your outdoor installations more aesthetically pleasing, your backyard would also benefit from new discreet lighting sources!

Facade of a restaurant with exterior lighting

10. The RV

Do you have a RV or a minivan that you have converted into a motor home? On rainy days, travelers have to lock themselves in the car to spend the evening or part of the day. Therefore, having a good lighting in the car is essential for this moment. Dimmable LED strips are perfect for this kind of use, as they do not consume much energy and the lighting is discreet. When we are in a small space, the lighting should not be too bright or intrusive. Insert LED strips on the sides of your bed base to enjoy pleasant light all evening, without worrying about the charge level of your car battery!

Camping-car dans la nature pendant la nuit

The use of LED strips lights offers a ton of possibilities for any lighting project, and new ways of using them will emerge in the future. Stay on top of the latest trends! So, don’t hesitate to be creative, try new ways of using them and take advantage of the control systems of LED technology to make your projects even more unique! Do you have a lighting project to which you would like to add LED strips? Contact us and our team of specialists will advise you on the right lighting to make your project shine.