A perfect lighting for each decoration project

LUX Solutions d'ÉclairageVariousA perfect lighting for each decoration project

Through its wide range of products and personalized services, LUX is able to offer custom lighting solutions that match the inspirations of interior designers.

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Lighting represents a significant portion of the interior designer’s work and its technical aspect is often overlooked by them. For a decorating project, lighting can serve several functions: as a decorative agent, to create ambiance, to enhance and ensure the safety of the occupants.

Over the past 10 years, LUX Lighting Solutions has had the opportunity to support a diverse clientele of interior designers on hundreds of projects. By working with this clientele and learning about their needs, we have developed a range of specialized products and services for them that best suits their needs.

Green living room with ceiling lamps and plants

A personalized approach for each project

When it comes to decorative lighting, we will thoroughly analyze your project to understand your lighting, budget and design needs. Once we have this information, we will guide you through our extensive product line, so that you can find the light source that is most likely to meet your needs.

Next, we will help interior designers with the more technical aspects of lighting. For example, when it comes to recessed spotlights, we will provide them with information on lighting calculations, quantities, positioning and spacing in order to offer a custom solution that is adapted to the needs of the project. We can also help them determine the color temperatures and beam types to be used so that the designers can obtain the desired lighting effects.

Finally, once the selection of products is completed, we offer a turnkey after-sales service. That is to say, we coordinate with the installers so that you can be sure that the project’s lighting goes smoothly. We also follow up on delivery times so that you always have the right time of arrival of the ordered products. Our goal is to take care of the lighting portion of your decoration in order to relieve you of the technicalities of it.

Kitchen with wood floor, black and blue cabine and a marble counter and backsplash

A product offering that adapts to trends

LUX Lighting Solutions is a trend-oriented lighting supplier. By listening to our designer customers’ requests and inquiring with our manufacturers, we stay at the forefront of trends in the decorating world. As a result of this continuous work, LUX is now able to offer you lighting fixtures of all styles. Whether it’s Scandinavian, rustic chic, farm house, industrial, modern or any other style, we can assist you! Moreover, we are constantly developing our product line in order to offer you more innovative products that are adapted to your reality.

LUX your reliable partner

Over the years, we have developed an expertise in all types of lighting to enhance the projects of our interior design clients. Our wide range of products and services will ensure that you always have the ideal light sources in place to realize your inspirations and ideas.
For lighting that enhances your decor, think LUX!

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