A minimalist lighting for an minimalist design

LUX Solutions d'ÉclairageTrendsA minimalist lighting for an minimalist design

This style stems from the philosophy: less is more. You only keep what you actually use.

White dining room with pendant light

Make the lighting the centerpiece of your minimalist decor

The concept is simple: you start by asking yourself if each item is necessary.

You only keep what you actually use.

Rest room with a service counter and a large couch

With everything you take away, there’s more room for the star: lighting.

Lighting is extremely useful in this kind of setting and can be used to make a room look better.

White kitchen with pendant lights and an island

LED, the minimalist lighting you need!

Keep it simple, but effective: recessed, LED strip lights, recessed fixtures and free-standing tubes are perfect and offer a multitude of possibilities.

Keep floors and flat surfaces empty. Also, leave windows bare as much as possible.

Bedroom decorated with a table lamp and a plant

A little accessory like a plant or a lamp is still welcome in the setting to help make the place feel like home.

The minimalist style is a process that makes it possible to create a simple, uncluttered and personalized decor according to each person’s preferences, tastes and needs.

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